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Who We Are


Who We Are

Actors' Think Tank: Talent In Motion is a weekly Zoom gathering of actors and performers from New York to Los Angeles, where sharing, supporting, and inspiring one another take center stage!  Actors' Think Tank now includes guest Q&A sessions with industry professionals, including but not limited to casting directors and their associates, acting coaches, and owners of production companies that cast talent.  Actors' Think Tank is nothing short of a creative, supportive, optimistic, and forward-thinking environment for more than 31 talented professionals! We meet weekly with sessions altering between Wednesdays and Thursdays on Zoom from 3:30-4:30 pm EST.

Membership Option #1

Live On Zoom

Join Us

$70 / month membership fee

This is the perfect membership option for you if you're an industry professional who runs your business from your home studio most days and can commit to looking prim and proper each week (i.e. hair and makeup done, appropriate wardrobe, in front of a professional self-tape background, nice lighting, and clear audio).

Live Zoom membership access provides you with the following opportunities:

+ Live Weekly Industry Guest and Member Forum Zoom Calls

+ Slate and headshot featured on our "Current Members" page

+ Opportunity to be featured on our "Little Victories" news page, Facebook, and Instagram

+  Headshots, resume, reel, social media links, and contact information on our exclusive members-only site for industry guests to access and download

+ Private Access to all past and future industry guest Zoom call recordings, guest contact information (if allowed), and session notes/takeaways

Apply Today

Apply Today

Actors' Think Tank:

Talent In Motion

Applications and enrollment are open as we accept and review applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Once you've decided which membership option best fits your needs, please follow the instructions detailed below:

Please gather:

+ 2-3 of your favorite headshots

+ Your updated Acting resume

+ Acting Reels

Please prepare a brief cover letter stating:

1.) Your preferred membership option

2.) Why you are interested in joining


3.) How you'll benefit from Actors' Think Tank 

Please submit all requested materials to our founder Rich Henkels via email (

How We Started


How We Started

For just about everyone in America, Spring of 2020 was a very strange time. "Going to work" was either impossible, or it meant rolling out of bed, grabbing a cup of coffee and logging onto your computer; that is, for people who COULD work from home. For "Gig Workers", like actors and performers, uncertainty was the only constant. There were no productions to audition for, no commercials or corporate videos to act in, no TV shows, films or web series to report to set for.


Seeking to fill at least a little bit of the gap created by this new normal, Philadelphia-based actor and instructor, Rich Henkels organized an initial Zoom call on April 22 with talent he'd either worked with or taught over the last few years. That first call has blossomed into a weekly information forum the likes of which most members have never before experienced.


Rich's initial objective was to establish a safe and inviting place for actors to get together, talk about the industry and share ideas about how we can make this time productive, and continue to educate ourselves and grow as actors/performers.

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